Ayokunnu Are

Investment Banking Consultant

International Financier Ayokunnu Are has earned the impressive reputation as one of the best wealth managers in Canada. By offering some of the most inclusive wealth-management strategies worldwide, Ayokunnu Are helps a variety of clients through native intuition and hard-earned experiential skills.  

Ayokunnu Are is an expert in global investment strategy. As president of Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group, Are works with his talented team to develop individualized wealth maximization strategy for both private and publicly traded companies. As an alumnus of University of Michigan’s Master of Public Administration program, he founded his investment consulting firm in 1987 to serve accredited investors, corporations, banks, foundations, and businesses.


Ayokunnu Are was inducted into the MDRT top of the table in 2000 and 2001 and Knights of the Table in 1999. The Million Dollar Round Table represents an international group of finance professionals who have been deemed successful and influential. The distinction is only offered to the top 5% of the Million Dollar Round Table.

Ayokunnu Are was first inducted into the Marquis’ Who’s Who listing in 2006. The dedication Ayokkunu Are shows to his clients resulted in his recognition in the 2014/2015 exclusive edition of Marquis Who’s Who in North America, Marquis Who’s Who in The World, and Marquis Who’s Who in Business and Finance.

He draws on more than two decades of experience and an unparalleled talent for finance and investing in portfolio management for institutional and private investors worldwide. As President of a globally influential investment consulting firm, Ayokunnu Are provides investing solutions, help in financing projects and guidance diversifying portfolios.

Included in Ayokunnu Are’s many areas of expertise are annual income tax, death and disability insurance, estate planning, and benefits evaluation. He is also known for his meticulous methodology for creating portfolios from a holistic mindset.

Ayokunnu Are understands the economy and works hard for his clients.  As markets become more fluid, he asserts that the most basic financial education, in addition to health and business, should correlate everyone’s development as a participant in global society. Ayokunnu Are is there to guide people through all questions that arise.


Ayokunnu Are is truly a global citizen. He was born in Nigeria when the country’s economy was booming. However, his parents were diplomats. They moved around quite a lot when he was young and thus experienced a variety of cultures growing up.

Ayokunnu’s parents sent him to the United States for his education. It was during high school that he became engaged with finances and economics academically. Ayokunnu Are attended the University of Michigan to focus on this passion. He received a Masters in Public Administration, an education he would later implement in the establishment of his own financial firm.  He worked at Prudential Insurance after graduating. Here, he made critical connections before branching off independently.  In 1987, just a few years after his first job he would establish his own global strategic advisory and consultancy firm, known as Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group. Read more about MMI below.

Ayo Are’s detailed method of analyzing each client’s needs in order to enhance portfolios has allowed him to deliver premium financial and insurance services globally, earning him a reputation as one of the best wealth managers in Canada and abroad. Ayokunnu Are has gained transactional experience in global fixed-income, global equities, and derivative financial products in Africa and North America, with a strong network of affiliates including Prudential Financial, Allstate Financial Services LLCRBC LifeManulife InvestmentsNational Community Foundation and Walton Capital Management. While having held a variety of managerial roles, Ayokunnu Are has also served as a director and strategic advisor to both private and publicly traded companies in Africa, the United States, and Canada.


Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group

Money Managers International (MMI) Asset Management Group provides a variety of services.  In addition to providing business loans for independent insurance agents and brokers seeking capital for business expansion, MMI is an authority on MGA mergers and acquisitions. Their services range from estate and retirement planning, succession planning, business development, philanthropic fundraising, and corporate recapitalization. The Group also consults with private and public companies on innovative projects in the following areas: Corporate Recapitalization, Venture Capital, Legacy Planning, Wealth Creation, Project Funding, Fundraising and Charitable Gifting. 

Ayokunnu Are recognizes the urgency of the current business cycle. He especially hopes to educate its causes and its future to all of his clients, helping everyone make their best financial choices.